Saturday, February 2, 2013

So, we landed around 2 p.m. - we're on the same Eastern Time as back home. The airport was a trip, to say the least - total madness and people constantly trying to handle your luggage to get a tip.
We got to the Blanchard complex and got a tour of the place, which is pretty nice. They have a water filtration system that's open to the community - so folks were getting fresh drinking water when we came in. They also have a school, gift shop, open area that will be a playground in the future but is being used as a football (soccer) field and our sleeping quarters.
We also walked over to the orphanage to see the girls. They are so adorable! I didn't want to leave them.
Here are a few pics I thought to take:

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  1. The girl looking at the book, with her legs crossed looks so serious, like she is taking in everything that lady is saying! SO cute!!