Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm here!

We arrived at Judy's cousins' house sometime around 7. It was a good trip. But maybe that's because I slept most of the time. :-) I was supposed to help drive, but Just couldn't stay awake. Jarrod and Judy were nice enough to take over. I'll take my turn on our return trip. The accompanying picture was my sleep posture. Cute, huh?
Allen and Colleen are really nice. They offered to let me stay there, but I knew I was due at the Gleasons. So that's where I am now.
So, the hardest part of this whole trip was getting from the cousins' house in Fairfax, VA, to the Gleasons in Silver Spring, MD. My friend, Dr. Barber, couldn't pick me up. So for a good part of the trip, I was trying to figure out how I could get over to Maryland. I didn't want to catch the Metro at night, and a hourlong cab ride would be really expensive. arrod and Judy were going to ask their cousins how to get to Silver Spring, but I felt bad about them having to take me. After all, they did let me tag along and did all the driving on top of that. I didn't want to make them drive another hour past where they were going to take me.
I had decided in my head that I would stay in Fairfax overnight and catch the Metro in the morning - yes, with ALL THAT STUFF. J
But then Laura's brother, Dave, called me and offered to "pick you up at the Metro, or wherever." I latched onto the "wherever" part and asked if he would come and get me. He gladly agreed. So problem solved, right?
Well, it took him a little while to get there. It was night time and he was going to an area he wasn't used to. And it's hard to find streets and houses in the dark. He was a trooper, bless his heart, and he made it. And he carried my heavy bag into the house and up the stairs.
I'm staying in Laura's room. And it is so Laura - really artsy. Three walls are white and one is bright pink - I think you call it an accent wall. There are little sculptures on her chester , ceramic pieces on the shelves and art on the walls. Yes, this is Laura's room.
It's really comfortable here. The temperature is 26 degrees, but it's nice inside. And Dave's really cool. Even the dog, Ella, is OK - she's sweet.
Tomorrow, I go pick up my press ticket in DC. I'm thinking about going to see some of the sights - there's an African-American War Memorial and I want to go to the Newseum. I wanted to go see the LIncoln Monument up close, but it may be blocked. There's a free concert going on there with Beyonce, Usher, Bruce Springstein and some other folks. I'm not sure if I want to go. But I hear Denzel will be there. That might change my mind. Then again, my feet may say otherwise.
'Til tomorrow, stay peaceful.

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