Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is it!

I'm up, dressed and getting ready to go down to the mall.
There are very few times in my life that I've anticipated something as much as I am anticipating this. In a few hours, America will have a new leader - and he looks like ME. I would have never thought that would happen.
I am so proud of my country right now - that the people really are open minded. As a nation, we have actually looked beyond the color of someone's skin and checked out the content of his character.
Ok, I'm not going to go all MLK on ya'. I'm just going get out of here.
Wish me luck that I don't freeze - not too much. :-)


  1. Have a great time! Love the blog--it makes me feel like I am there with you. Can't wait to talk to you in person. Enjoy today!!

    Nicole W.

  2. Candy! You are so blessed to be witness to this! Our prayers are always with you! You go, girl!
    Mary Fahrenkrug

  3. Witnessing all this through your eyes is making it so much more exciting for me. Thanks.

  4. Candy,
    You are very blessed to have witnessed such a profound day. I am so proud of you. I remember being at Clinton's ignauration and it was overwhelming and awesome. I can imagine the joy that you are feeling today. Stay warm and safe and have a wonderful time. You know I can't wait to see you pictures.