Monday, February 22, 2016

A change in perspective

(Note: These were my thoughts from last night, 2/21/16. They published this morning.)

Had I written this post about two hours ago, it would have been filled with anger. Misery. Depression. Hopelessness. 
That was how I was feeling. We'd left the beach haven we visited and went to see the site of a new orphanage and school another mission was planning to build. It was on this hillside, and the plan sounded amazing. 
And then the neighborhood children ran up, to see and hug I the new visitors. They were adorable. But they were also impoverished. Some of the children had on shoes; some didn't. One little boy didn't have on pants or underwear. But they all had beaming smiles. And the people in our group loved on them, holding them and playing with them. 
I was so upset. I mean what kind of government officials would be so cruel that they'd hurt their own people? It's their own brothers and sisters that they are oppressing. 
So I got quiet, reflecting on the craziness of it all. I looked at my chicken and beans and rice and wondered what those babies were eating tonight. I was hurt. 
And then we had our evening gathering and I was reminded of our purpose - to show Christ to His people. Those children have a lot of needs; affection is one of them. My sisters and brothers gave them that. And they continue to do that through those 11 girls at the House of Hope. The Lord will be with those girls as they grow up and be a part of the change in Haiti that happens from the inside out. 

Thank you Lord, for that message tonight.


  1. Oh my goodness Cuz , im in tears reading this and i know if I had been there i would be crying. God Bless you all for doing this and loving on those sweet babie!

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  3. Candy, my heart aches!! Those pictures are priceless!! I am going to pray dilengently for all those kids!! I will find a way to do more!! Thank you for sharing and mostly for serving!! I love ya sis!

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  5. GOD Bless you all for being the hands and feet of Jesus. I'm sure he is smiling down on you. -Cheryl Franklin