Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Today was a busy day.

The ladies in the group were painting the church's new bathroom building and a side wall. Two coats of paint. We started yesterday, though I had to stop because the fumes got to me. Since we were working outside today, I did better. And I'm still speckled with white and yellow paint. 
Most of the guys worked on making some bookcases (I keep calling them cabinets). Another guy worked with a crew digging a trench a laying electrical lines. 
Like I said, busy. 
But the work is not in vain. I've chatted with a few people who live here. They said that the fact that people from other countries, showing that they care, helps the natives. 
I appreciate knowing that. It makes doing the work more rewarding. 
A few times while we painted, schoolchildren came out for recess, and wanted to talk to us, hug us and take photos with us. They tried to teach me some basic words - colors, parts of the body. Nothing stuck. But it was fun trying. 
And the kiddos were cute.