Friday, February 19, 2016

Walking by faith

So why am I being called to go on this trip? - at this time?
I honestly have no clue. All I know is the God wants me to go. 

I went to Haiti three years ago, also clueless as to why God wanted me to go. I did figure it out - there were multiple reasons (you can read about that experience in my previous blogs).
I've always said that I must return sometime. But excuses - mainly finances - kept me from returning. 

And then in December, God brought His plan to the forefront. One of my sisters, Ashley, mentioned that a spot opened up on the trip she was going on - this trip. I kinda balked at it, stating that I didn't have the money. She piled up - "Oh, I'll help you raise the money." Some other trip goers who were overhearing our conversation also said they would help. 
Now, bless their hearts, I knew they were sincere. But I really didn't expect them to raise ALL the money. And I knew I didn't have any of it. So I decided to consult the Big Man on this. 

I went to an empty room at church, pulled out my Bible and found some scripture about missions. And then I talked to the Father, asking Him if I was supposed to go on this mission trip. 
He said yes. 
I told Him that I didn't have any money for it (like He didn't already know that). He told me to let Him handle getting me there; I needed only to be obedient. I again stressed to Him that I had NO money.

And then God spoke, and He was REALLY clear. 
"Trust ME, not what you think you know." (It was something like that.) And He reminded me of Proverbs 3:5:
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Ok. Got it. Loud and clear. 

And He did take care of it. I mentioned this conversation on my Facebook page, and suddenly donations came pouring in! God provided enough to pay for my trip. Wow!
The Lord will do His thing, if we just get out of His way. 

So here I am, two hours from leaving. I still don't know why I'm supposed to go. But I know to trust the Lord. He knows the whole plan. 


  1. Yes he has a plan!! I seen your face when Ryan told you that you was going, It glowed!! Have fun, Be safe! Love, Hugs & Prayers my friend!!!

  2. Cuz we serve a Awesome God!
    He will do it we just have to take our hands off of it!
    Our God is big and strong and mighty his plans for us is victory victory
    There's nothing our god cannot do! Reading this had me shouting in the restroom this morning
    Have a safe trip Cuz Love Love You!������������